Why I Adore My Jura Capresso ENA4 Grind and Brew Automatic Cappuccino Maker

Published: 27th January 2012
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I will be sharing with you my individual experience using the Jura-Capresso ENA 4 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center. This is exactly the coffee maker that I've been using for 3 months after switching from Delonghi automatic coffee machine. Jura has by now served me not less than 345 cups of coffee up to the time of this review. The best thing concerning this espresso machine is that it is able to brew the best tasting cappuccino as soon as you discovered the way to make with this coffee machine, which is extremely easy.

Honestly, I never thought that I might be able to make cappuccino espresso coffee with aroma similar to specialized gourmet coffee shops with this Jura Capresso espresso maker, because it really is a great deal smaller than most espresso coffee brewers. Constructed having a sleek and stainless-steel panel, this machine can without doubt fit your kitchen counter top and will what's more be a lovely decoration. About 9.5 inches wide, this equipment will enable you to save a great deal of space, and yet deliver exactly the same excellent quality of coffee or espresso.

One more function that I love about this Capresso Coffee Maker is that all the main functions is completely-automatic and it even warns me when there will not be an adequate amount of hot water to fill a cup of espresso. This happened to me several times while having the Breville, which I didn't like, obviously. I can also clean this coffee machine without problems, since many of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Next, let's discuss the design of the Jura Capresso Automatic Espresso Machine. As I have said before, I still find it hard that this small espresso machine can equal the functioning you get with the bigger espresso grind and brew machines. The Jura-Capresso ENA4 has been able to combine both convenient functions and modern style. While a bit smaller than most usual espresso coffee grind and brew machine, I feel that the Jura Capresso ENA4 Espresso Center is nevertheless able to making the same excellence of gourmet coffee.

The only disadvantage that I found when making lattes with this product, will be the milk frothing wand. I do not know if it is a problem in the construct or I simply got a faulty coffee machine, unfortunately when I use it to brew latte, the wand seems to spray it all over the place as well as me. Now then, the machine will make the greatest tasting espressos We ever had, I still suggest this for coffee lovers who may be planning to use it for brewing gourmet coffee.

Besides from automatically makes your daily dose of espresso coffee, Jura Capresso Espresso Machine additionally allows you to definitely create other enjoyable to drink beverages without problems, for the reason that it has a interrogated hot water dispenser. With its distinctive functions and features, this coffee machine could very well be considered to be as an multi purpose coffee, espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte brewer. This espresso grind and brew machine has a built-in thermo block that allows the espresso maker to heat up more rapidly, that shortens the time you would need to wait just to get your best tasting cup of gourmet coffee.

Overall, I would give this gourmet coffee machine a rating of, 4.5 out of 5 stars. We would without doubt recommend it for coffee enthusiast who are trying to find a espresso machine that can help them brew their morning fix of coffee latte automatically. If I would be given an opportunity, I would still choose this coffee machine over most popular models even for making lattes. So you can be confident that everything works like a dream. It also helped me save at the very least $2160 because I needn't head to Starbucks any longer.

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